Scattering Cremated Ashes over Ganges

Through our service, Hindus can have have their ashes spread over the Ganges River. We perform the important ceremonies by having your loved one’s remains sent to Varanasi, India, for a traditional Asthi Visarjan ceremony and ashes scattering in the Sacred Ganges.

Our Service:

We offer a dignified scattering for family and loved ones who are unable to do so themselves. The ashes are taken to a pre-selected location where they are released. The location of the scattering is marked with longitude and latitude coordinates which allows for revisiting the location. Pre-selected locations are available including Varansi, Haridwar and Rishikesh. Using our service is also the most economical option for ashes scattering. Cremated remains also known as Cremains are received and handled in a most professional and respectful manor.

How It Works:

We will collect the ashes in a sealed container and send to the destination by courier. When they reach the destination, the ashes will be scattered within 7 business days. Note courier pick-up service is available only in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. For any other cities, we provide specific mailing instructions.

Special Arrangements:

Special arrangements for personal transport can be made. We will personally collect, pack and seal the ashes for travel. The ashes will be sent by courier, when they reach their destination they will be delivered to us. Note we also accommodate ashes of your beloved pets.

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